LITTLE WOMEN Korean Series Date, Cast

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LITTLE WOMEN Korean Series Date

Kim Hee-won is the director of the South Korean television show Little Woman. It is commonly known that the well-known book Little Woman has generated a lot of debate and that films based on it have been produced. One can ask if the same story is told in the Korean television series of the same name.

This book also tells the tale of four sisters. But compared to the novel, the series addresses various crises. This is an amazing series that never lets up on its ability to keep you on the verge of exhilaration.

LITTLE WOMEN Korean Series Date
LITTLE WOMEN Korean Series Date

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LITTLE WOMEN Korean Series Date

Little Women Korean Drama Cast

Cast NamesCharacter Names
Kim Go-eun Oh In-ju,
Nam Ji-hyun Oh In-kyung
Park Ji-huOh In-hye
Wi Ha-joonChoi Do-il
Uhm Ji-won Won Sang-ah,
Um Ki-joonPark Jae-sang
LITTLE WOMEN Korean Series Date

Little Women Korean Drama Language

The Little Women are written in Korean. Little Women stands out among other dramas in this language because of its plot and actors. The cast is crucial, as was already noted. The Little Women features an outstanding cast that will serve as the drama’s foundation. The primary cast of Little Women, who are anticipated to deliver a superb performance, cannot be missed without a doubt.

Little Women Korean Drama Overview

TitleLittle Women 
GenreRomance, Family Drama 
Release Date 2022
Episodes 12

Little Women Korean Drama Cast – FAQs

1. What is the genre of the drama?

Ans : This is a romance drama 

2. What is the original language?

Ans : This is a Korean drama 

3. How many seasons are there?

Ans : There is only one season 

4. How many episodes are there?

Ans : There are 12 episodes