Ankita Dave Web Series Full List 2023

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Ankita Dave Web Series Full List 2023

Hello everyone. Ankita Dave has appeared in a number of web series, many of which have received positive reviews for her performances. I’ll be sharing her list of web series with you in today’s post. All Web Series they are all older than 18+

Ankita Dave Web Series Full List 2023
Ankita Dave Web Series Full List 2023

It has also contributed to the web series Ullu and Cuckoo, its lava, Rabbit Movies, and most recently a show called Matkani Ke Matka, whose daring style has won over fans. In the future, She will contribute to a lot more web series that fans will like.

Ankita Dave Web Series Full List 2023

1. Gachi Web Series

Gachi Web Series | Ankita Dave Web Series Full List 2023

This is the story of a small village where women are tortured a lot. 

2. Teri Khata

Teri Khata

One of Ankita Dave’s most underappreciated masterpieces is likely Teri Khata. The web series’ time of release is one explanation for why it was overlooked. You should watch the Teri Khata web series, in our opinion.

3. Zid – Hotshots Originals


Web Series Zid Story Two women’s lives are at the centre of the narrative. A wealthy widow is seeking lasting love. Her hairdresser imagines living a lavish life in the future. They make a bold decision that forever alters their lives.

4. Singardaan – Ullu Web Series

Singardaan – Ullu Web Series

Gupta ji, a streetwalker who falls in love with Shabnam, is the main character in Singardaan. Shabnam owns a cosmetics case, however after she passes away, Guptaji takes the case home. His wife and daughter become streetwalkers after opening the box. In order to save his wife and daughter, Gupta ji now embarks on a strange adventure.

5. Mere Angane Main – Kooku App

Mere Angane Main

There was a time when the Kooku app routinely created material that millions of people adored. One of the benefits of the Merge to the Main is that it would have an increased

6. Siddhu – Jollu Originals


In command of a resort in ECR-Chennai is Sidhu, a villager. He constantly gives his clients the best service possible while keeping costs down. Two couples (Mervin-Ankita and Dhara-Aadhi) set out on their weekend getaway to ECR, but they are unable to reach the resort’s reservation manager by phone, thus they become stopped on the road.

7. Nagar Vadhu – HotHit Originals

Nagar Vadhu

The series is based, as the name would imply, in the village where Ankita Dave first had the opportunity to portray the ideal sister-in-law. With his good appearance , he stole the show.

8. Chicken Curry – Kooku App

Chicken Curry

The series centres on a married couple in which the wife is blind and her husband consistently treats her poorly because of her disability.

9. Matakni Ke Matke – Rabbit Web Series

Matakni Ke Matke

This web series’ main character, Matkani, is a 20-year-old female who is the centre of the plot. Matkani claims that she wants to married and roam with someone. Because she is a girl and enjoys relationships with others, this girl is far from everyone else who likes to have boyfriends.

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