Khalish Part 3 web series on ULLU 2023 : Woman assists her mother-in-law in finding a new partner

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Khalish Part 3 web series on ULLU 2023

Ullu stories are renowned for exposing strange relationships. There are several television programmes that centre on lust-based relationships. This kind of human greed can be harmful and destroy families. Khalish, a recently shown series on ULLU, emphasises how a saas and her bahu work together to meet the demands of the former’s body. It’s a narrative that’s receiving a lot of positive feedback from viewers. Learn more here about the ULLU web series Khalish Part 3.

Khalish Part 3 web series on ULLU 2023
Khalish Part 3 web series on ULLU 2023

Khalish Part 3 web series on ULLU storyline

Khalish Part 3 follows on from Khalish Part 2. In the latest clip, the bahu is seen seducing a local man into falling in love. She frequently seduces him with her seductive looks and provocative attire. The man quickly becomes enamoured of her after interpreting her signs. Now that he has her, he will do anything to be with her. The bahu requests that she grant her saas’s wishes because she can sense his despair. The man accepts the deal without hesitation since he will stop at nothing to have the bahu. But as soon as he sees the saas, he can’t help but be drawn to her.

The saas guarantees him that his time with her will be captivating and that he will forget about all other women as a result. It will be fascinating to see what else they explore in their original equation given that this saas-bahut jodi is undoubtedly up to no good. the trailer is below:

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