MENA Server Free Fire Which Country, server list

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MENA Server Free Fire Which Country | Free Fire Middle East Server (MENA)

Free Fire Mena Server is a popular region among players. Most rare and old bundles comes every month in this server. Also well known youtubers like B2K, VINCENZO, M8N they all play in MENA server of Free Fire. But exactly Garena not officially released a region named MENA.

MENA Server Free Fire Which Country, server list

MENA Server Free Fire Which Country

What is Mena Server in Free Fire?

First you need to know the real meaning of Mena. This word connect two regions name. ME means Middle East. NA means North Africa. It means Middle East and North Africa both regions called as MENA server in Free Fire.

Best Free Fire Server

We all are aware of the popular battle royal free fire promotion. It has a fan base from every nook and cranny of the world. The game has more than 150 million daily active players on its servers. To handle such a large number of players Free Fire has different servers for different countries. Apart from that, each server has different prices, rewards and events depending on the server location.

Free Fire complete server list with their respective countries

Listed below are the 16 servers available as of now:

1) Indonesia – ID

2) Thailand – TH

3) India – IND

4) Brazil – BR

5) Singapore – SG

6) Bangladesh – BD

7) Pakistan – PK

8) United States – US

9) Malaysia – MY

10) Vietnam – VN

11) Mexico (Free Fire – LATAM)

12) Taiwan (Free Fire – 我要活下去)

13) Middle East (MENA)

14) Africa – SSA

15) Europe – EU

16) Russia – RU

Which Is The Best Free Fire Server?

Free fire servers are located in different countries keeping in mind their regional languages, events, local festivals. Apart from that, the cost or price of diamonds also depends on the local currency.

These servers are located separately to allow all players to enjoy playing with players who understand the same language for better team building, communication and more fun.

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Not only the rates, but also the specific event dates and releases on Free Fire differ from server to server. It’s always better if you go with the default server based on your current location because you’ll be able to find friends who speak the same language as you.

How to change server in Free Fire?

Switching between different Free Fire servers is impractical, as there is no such option in the game at the moment. As a result, the game connects you to the nearest server to provide a seamless experience.

Although this is still possible with a VPN service, we do not recommend it as it results in higher latency and unstable connections.

Therefore, every free fire player is highly recommended to play on the default server to conquer the opponents in the fast paced battle royal title.

Steps to create account on MENA server

  1. Download VPN UAE app from Play Store
  2. Open app after successfully installed
  3. Click on Connect to UAE VPN
  4. Allow or Ok connection request.
  5. Now open Free Fire
  6. Now login with new Google Account (recommend)
  7. Once successfully logged in you can play in MENA server.


How to play on Mena Server?

Ans : You need to use a VPN app that allows Middle East server. In this way you can play on Mena Server.

Free Fire Mena Server which country?

Ans : Middle East and North Africa server popularity known as Mena Server in Free Fire. MENA Server connect Middle East and North Africa.

What is the best server of Free Fire?

Ans : MENA Server considered as best server of Free Fire.

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