Must Watch : Top Hoichoi Web Series in 2023

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Top Hoichoi Web Series

The Best Hoichoi Web Series and a collection of Hoichoi Web Series are presented here for you to watch in 2023. This television show offers genuine Bengali content at its best. These Bengali Hoichoi Web Series feature a variety of acting styles, including romantic comedies, action movies, and more.

Top Hoichoi Web Series

Top Hoichoi Web Series

Taranath Tantrik

Due to the use of dark magic, the Bengali hoichoi web series is particularly unique to its viewers. Some of the circumstances sent you to a distant planet. It occasionally depicts the mirror universe and other paranormal things. The crowd finds the show both thrilling and terrifying.

Hello Season 1 to 3

A typical husband-wife relationship show is what this hoichoi web series is about. The plot of this series centres on the activity of Nandita’s spouse when she starts receiving poignant MMS that describe her significant relationship with Ananya.

Dracula Sir

One of the most anticipated and top online series about Hoichoi is this one. The protagonist of the tale is a small-town schoolteacher with a set of sharp teeth. In that town, Dracula is regarded as the most dangerous individual. He discovered some of the connections between this narrative and the well-known Dracula later on.

Shobdo Jobdo

This series’ plot is based on the work of spine-chilling author Sougata. She was formerly regarded as the best essayist on roller coasters. But suddenly, everything shifted, and a few things from his past started to appear frequently in his present.


The protagonist of the story is a truck driver who transports products from one location to another for a living. He is a straightforward and innocent man who subsequently becomes caught up in a scheme. He learned that there was a dead woman in his truck one day as he was driving.

Charitraheen Season 1 To 3

The Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay web serial Charitraheen is an adaption that features several unexpected turns. The narrative centres on Satish, a man on the lookout for true love. The hardest thing for him to endure in this harsh world has been that he’s this old and hasn’t discovered genuine love.

Charitraheen Season 1 To 3 Series Star Cast

  • Sourav Chakraborty
  • Naina Ganguly
  • Neha Chouduri
  • Saayoni Ghosh
  • Swastika Mukherjee

Bonyo Premer Golpo Season 2

Bonus As it depicts crime scenes being investigated and how the entire scenario occurs with individuals, Premer Golpo is one of the first Hoichoi Web Series in the Bengali business that is both thrilling and intriguing. They effortlessly draw the majority of the crowd with their interesting story, and it functions something like a CBI thing.

Rahasya Romancha Season 3

The narrative Rahasya Romancha is based on a crime scene. As a result of his Cotard’s Syndrome, the investigator, Sourav Das, believes that he is immortal and that no one can harm him.

The show struggles while getting to the point as it draws closer to identifying the perpetrator. Rahasya Romancha’s third season began airing on Hoichoi on November 27.


Damayanti, a history teacher and the lead character of the Damayanti Bangla web series, takes a deep interest in spotting and investigating crime scenes. She wanted to inspect the crime scene while she was teaching, so she got that one.

The television show opens people’s eyes to the fact that Damayanti, a housewife, is capable of investigating murder scenes. On October 29, Damayanti, one of the top Hoichoi online series, premiered. It is a mystery and suspenseful series.

Eken Babu Season 4 

Eken Babu, a Bengali man of average appearance who is involved in most detective activities, is the protagonist of this narrative. He has a lot more information and is a successful detective. Eken Babu is on its fourth season, which adds more mystery and intrigue.

This time, Eken Babu will pursue the killer of the Alibordi House murder victim who was an innocent bystander. The USB in this series that attracts the attention of fans of crime fiction is this one.


This entertaining series’ third episode, Mismatch, is even more entertaining than the first two. Two married couples are featured in the show, and they are not content with their marriages. They decide to visit the ashram and meet a baba they trust because they want some excitement, and this amusing tale brought you to Milan Baba’s ashram.

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