Ullu App Upcoming Web Series in 2023

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Ullu App Upcoming Web Series in 2023

Ullu App Upcoming Web Series in 2023
Ullu App Upcoming Web Series in 2023

We’ll be looking at an ullu web series today that will fill your new year with excitement and sensuous love scenes. It’s best to view these future series by yourself in your room because ullu is recognised for offering sizzling 18+ web series.

The majority of this series also discusses the harsh realities of life that cause you to doubt other people’s motives.

Ullu App Upcoming Web Series in 2023

Namak Part 2

An Indian web series in Hindi called Namak Part 2 is produced by Ullu. Suman Das, Muskaan Agarwal, Jambhekar, and Anupam Ghai play the series’ leading roles. A Ullu Originals online series, this.

Namak Part 2 Ullu 2023 Web Series Cast
Ullu App Upcoming Web Series in 2023

On January 13, 2023, Namak Part 2 will be made accessible for streaming on the Ullu app and official website.


Upcoming Ullu Web Series

The newest web series on the Ullu app is called Watchman. Taniya Chatterjee and Priya Gamre are the primary characters in the web series. The protagonist of the tale is a watchman who has feelings for the stunning women in his community.


Another planned web series on the ullu features a lead actress in the form of well-known actress Nehal Vadoliya.


Imli, an aspirational young woman from a rural region of Gujarat, wants to be an actress. She soon relocates to Mumbai to pursue her love. If you want to know if Imli can fulfil her dreams, keep an eye on her.


On January 20, 2023, Rikshawala will be released on streaming services. It may be seen online on the official website and Ullu app.

Rikshawala Web Series Ullu

The tale of a guy who prevented a girl from committing suicide is told in Rikshawala. Later, as the novel progresses, they both fall in love with one another. When the web series debuts, we will be able to understand the plot better.

Dream Girl

New episodes of the Dream Girl web series from Ullu App are filled with fascinating and exciting scenes. The lead character in the web series is Nimritha. Ullu app’s success rate was based on earlier web series and their episodes.

Dream Girl Ullu 2023 Web Series Cast

Watch the most recent Dream Girl episodes, which are only available on the Ullu app. The web series is about to premiere.

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