Watch ULLU Web Series Palang Tod 2023 : Seeing the Palang Tod web series, the audience will be blown away

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Watch ULLU Web Series Palang Tod 2023

Ullu, a digital platform, goes above and beyond to captivate the audience. an owl app But there is romance in every current series. This installment of the Ullu app has a new blast. called “Palang Tod Double Dhamaka.” This Ullu app is thought to be the most audacious ever, according to this of them is a web series.

Watch ULLU Web Series Palang Tod 2023
Watch ULLU Web Series Palang Tod 2023

This television series tells the tale of relationships that are modernly coloured and more concerned with greed than with love, love, and more love. This online show Rajsi Verma plays the lead role. Break the bed in fact The tale of two sisters is told in Double Dhamaka.

In order to meet her own married sister, the younger sister visits her in-laws’ home. The younger sister subsequently wins the affection of her elder sister’s in-laws through appearance and behaviour.

But in the story, things go a little differently; in fact, the younger sister is detained because she fell in love with the elder sister’s nephew. The younger sister’s illicit friendship with her causes the older sister great distress.

The two sisters then start fighting as a result of this. The story’s real twist, however, is when it becomes clear that the older sister is in love with her own nephew rather than her family.

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