Watchman Ullu Web Series All Episodes Watch Online

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Watchman Ullu Web Series All Episodes Watch Online

Watchman Ullu Web Series All Episodes Watch Online The presentation of the web series received positive feedback from both fans and critics. On January 31, 2023, the first three episodes of the comedy-drama series were released. Previously, fans adored previous Ullu web series for their captivating performances and engaging storytelling.

Watchman Ullu Web Series All Episodes Watch Online
Watchman Ullu Web Series All Episodes Watch Online

Taniya Chatterjee, Arita Paul, Priya Gamre, and Pihu Singh star in the web series Watchman Part 1. Watchman Part 1 is a web series with 5-6 episodes lasting 25-30 minutes each.

Watchman Part 1 web series all episodes are available on Ullu App. Previously, Ullu App released Imli, a web series starring Nehal Vadoliya. Watchman is a web series in the same vein as Jalebi Bai, which focused on a bai in society.

Watchman Web Series Cast

  • Priya Gamre as Mamta
  • Pihu Singh as Laali
  • Vishesh Arora as Vinay
  • Taniya Chaterjee as Tanu
  • Divyendra Singh as Amit
  • Parth Bartakke as Dev
  • Arita Paul as Chaya
  • Abhiraj Singh as Ravi

Watchman Web Series Story

The Watchman Part 1 web series episode 1 begins with a watchman ogling on the society’s girls. He saw something in the trash that gave him the wrong impression about the women. They began discussing the various types of women who exist in society.

Tanu a high-status lady in society, was introduced to us. She unintentionally drops her bra from the balcony and requests that the watchman deliver it to her gate. Wathman imagines a wonderful romantic session with Taniya Chaterjee in the very first scene.

In Watchman Part 2 web series episode 2, we met Laali (Pihu Singh), the society’s local maid. Watchmen are attempting to impress her in such a way that she will be ready for either one or both of them.

Another thrilling scene features Pihu Singh and a watchman as he forces himself on her in an empty room. During the night, both watchmen discussed the possibility of stealing chicks from the building. While one was fixated on Laali, the other counted three girls he could score with.

The ultimate cliffhanger in Watchman Part 1 web series episode 3 is Priya Gamre’s attempt to be with Watchman. Priya Gamre’s disdain for married life was previously demonstrated by the fact that she read a love letter from a watchman and performed a video show for her husband.

The entire Watchman Part 1 web series has been released, with the best episode featuring Taniya Chatterjee and Pihu Singh in captivating avatars. Ullu promises to bring all new exciting web series similar to Watchman Part 1 in the future.

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