Web Series Malai Part 2 on ULLU App : Ankita Singh is coming to write a new story of infidelity

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Web Series Malai Part 2 on ULLU App

Since the beginning of the web era, audiences have benefited greatly from convenience. Viewers can now see the content they want when it’s convenient for them.Platform OTThow widely his legs are spread. It is impossible to envision life in the modern era without OTT. The audience’s life has changed significantly since OTT’s introduction, and the main shift is that content is now streamed on an OTT platform but according to the audience’s interests.

Web Series Malai Part 2 on ULLU App
Web Series Malai Part 2 on ULLU App

Platform OTT The audience has access to a wide variety of entertainment options because of this ongoing evolution. OTT Platform, too, but there is also a period of competition at play.Platform OTTHowever, the ULLU app has quickly become popular in this cutthroat environment. Because of its powerful storytelling material, the ULLU app is a fan favourite among users.

these days on the ULLU appOnline series Part 2 of MalaiThe story picks up where the first part’s story left off. a woman’s account of her life after her husband abandoned her. The woman resides with her in-law’s brother. The woman’s maternal uncle also visits her in the same village to say hello. The woman, on the other hand, begins growing closer to her own father-in-law and brother-in-law.

Women spend their entire lives with their hearts open. Although she is aware of both parties’ intentions, the woman nonetheless proceeds while carrying her hem in shame. The main character in this web series is Ankita Singh.

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