Anushka Sharma shares memes, pics on Instagram

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Anushka Sharma shares memes

Actress Anushka Sharma took to Instagram to share memes and pictures on her 5th wedding anniversary with Virat Kohli.

Anushka Sharma shares memes
Source – anushkasharma

She wrote,

What better day than today to post these lovely pictures to celebrate us, my love! ❤️
Pic 1 – me knowing you’ve always got my back ✅ Pic 2- forever holding gratitude in our hearts ( both getting incredibly lucky) Pic 3 – You resting on hospital bed a day-after my long and painful labour ❤️Pic 4 – Us keeping fine taste in things 👌Pic 5- some random fellow Pic 6- you making most of my photos un-post-able with ur unique expressions. Pic 7- CHEERS TO US, MY LOVE TODAY, TOMORROW & FOREVER ” ❤️

Anushka Sharma shares memes

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