Neymar shares Sad Pic, says ‘I am psychologically destroyed’

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Neymar shares Sad Pic On Instagram

Neymar shares Sad Pic On instagram
Neymar shares Sad Pic

Brazilian forward Neymar took to Instagram to share pictures following Brazil’s exit from the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Talking about the quarter-final defeat against Croatia, he wrote, “

I am psychologically destroyed, this was certainly the defeat that hurt the most, which made me paralyzed for 10 minutes and then I burst into tears non-stop. It will hurt for a long time unfortunately.
We fought until the end, and I’m proud of my teammates because there was no lack of commitment or dedication.
This group deserved it, we deserved it, BRAZIL deserved it…
But that was not God’s will!
It was worth every sacrifice to feel the affection of each one on the field…
Thank you all for your support with our selection. Unfortunately it didn’t work… it’s going to hurt for a long, long time.
Thank you for everything my GOD, you gave me everything and I can’t complain about anything. Just thank you for taking care of me.
All honor and all glory is always for you, regardless of the circumstances 🙏😞🇧🇷❤️”

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